Sayda Zelaya


A year ago, I started @workitcollab as a passion project. I saw a gap in the professional/career development space and its relation to underrepresented groups. 

There are actually quite a few initiatives that center specific underrepresented groups and career services. Still, I was yearning for one where traditional workplace norms are being challenged. 

My thought was - the problem is not that people of color or LGBTQ+ folks are not capable of growing or accomplishing great things in the workplace. The problem is that traditional work structures/HR don’t allow them to thrive. 


And thus, Work It! Collaborative was formed. 

I honestly don’t know where Work It! is going. Still, the excitement, community, and overall love that people have shown us is palpable. It’s real. So I will continue to let this initiative lead me so that women of color, in particular, feel seen, heard, and empowered in the workplace.

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