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We are on a mission to building a better workplace while reimagining our relationship to work, our culture, and our economy.

What We're All About:

Work It! Collaborative is a digital platform & community committed to the success and empowerment of all marginalized folx at work, prioritizing Black, Indigenous, Womxn of Color and those living at the intersection of a multiplicity of oppressions. We do this by:


Interviewing and showcasing all types of career and work experiences by marginalized folx as a way to learn and network with one another.

Career Resources

Providing career tips and strategies on how to find balance and success in the workplace while also working in a capitalist system predicated on white supremacy and hetero-patriarchy. 

Challenging the Status Quo

Challenging traditional workplace norms that often stop BIWOC, LGBTQIA, disabled people, and others from reaching their full potential.

Our Values

 We believe the conversations regarding work need to change especially if we want BIWOC & all marginalized folx to thrive in the workplace. These values help us guide the work we do.



What makes a great story is not so much the finale but the journey! 

We want to show that everyone has a unique path and that it's okay if your career journey looks different from the rest.



We are committed to creating a space that is encouraging to all people. 

 We want everyone in this community including you to feel heard and cared for.



We prioritize Black, Indigenous, Womxn of Color, LGBTQIA people, Immigrants, those with disabilities, and others, with a particular eye to intersectionality. 

Our platform is focused on individual experiences, building community, and dismantling macro, systemic issues as we strive for justice and equity in work and reimagine what work can be, together.

Meet The Team


We have direct knowledge and experience with recruiting and providing career development solutions to organizations. We understand how the hiring process works and how DEI can be effectively implemented into an organization's systems for all employees to thrive. 


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Sayda Zelaya


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Marissa Johnson


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Charlotte Harris


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